NYIT 110 Introduction to Computer Conferencing

I developed this course to help students become acquainted with key elements of online learning.

Book for the Course:

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Course Objectives

This class is a general introduction to computer conferencing as it is used in NYIT’s on-line campus program. You will learn how to use the Web-based conferencing interface through which students communicate and share information with professors and with each other through such tools as a discussion board, course email, virtual chat, and group areas. This course also introduces you to exploring the Web and conducting research on the Web. You will actively create and participate in an electronic discursive space, or a virtual classroom, and you will thereby develop the discipline required to be successful in on-line courses. To be a successful on-line campus student, you need to be independent, motivated, and disciplined. This course will help you develop these skills and qualities.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course students will be able to:

1. State key expectations of online learning.
2. Discuss successful strategies for effective online learning.
3. Participate effectively in online discussion forums.
4. Conduct basic online research using NYIT online catalogs and databases.
5. Participate in online learning groups.
6. Successfully navigate and use major portions of the Blackboard system.